Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen - Bolting and Clamping Types
Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen - Bolting and Clamping Types

Polyurethane flip flow screen is also called flip flop screen mats or flip flop screen panels. It is made of polyurethane materials, which are perforated into square, slot or round apertures. Polyurethane flip flow screen is specially designed for the most demanding tasks in the classification of different materials. The polyurethane flip flow screen is the replacement product of woven vibrating screens because of the outstanding wear resistance and abrasion resistance.

Polyurethane flip flow screen has various hole types, such as square holes linear pattern, square hole staggered pattern, round hole staggered pattern, slot hole linear pattern, slot hole staggered pattern. The polyurethane flip flow screen is designed both for clamping connections and bolting connections to fit all kinds of screen decks.

During vibrating, the flexible screen mats are individually tensioned and relaxed to keep moving up and down to ensure the excellent performance of screening and sieving. Additional, it can avoid hole blinding. The polyurethane flip flow screen supplies a continuous operation with high screening performance efficiency to screen fine, medium and coarse materials.


   Material: polyurethane sheet.
   Production: perforated.
   Aperture size: 0.5mm - 50mm.
   Screening capacity: up to 400 metric TPH. (Note: TPH refers to Tonne per hour.)
   Color: red, green, yellow, blue and any other colors you want.
   Aperture types:
           Square aperture linear pattern.
           Square aperture staggered pattern.
           Slot apertures linear pattern.
           Slot apertures staggered pattern.
           Round apertures staggered pattern.
Connection types:

   High screening efficiency.
   Corrosion resistance.
   Wear resistance.
   Different connection types to fit all screen decks.
   Various hole types for different screening materials.
   Low noise.
   Low maintenance and easy to replace.
   Durable and long service life.

The polyurethane flip flow screen is ideal for heavy screening applications, such as screening, sieving and separating moist, sticky, fibrous, wet bulk materials. The most commonly materials are as follows:
   Sand and gravel.
   Iron and steel.
   Asphalt and hard rock.
   Wood chips and tree bark.
   Scrap metal.
   Compost and peat.
   Organic materials.
   Quarry materials.
   Cement industry materials.

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