International PU Forum 2015

From: China Polyurethane Industry Association
publisher: Richard
Time: 2017-09-14
Summary: PU Forum 2015 "safety", "environmental protection" and "clean production"

On May 18th, the International Polyurethane Forum (International PU Forum 2015) was held in Tokyo, Japan. At the invitation of the organizers, the China Polyurethane Industry Association delegation attended the meeting.

Forum topics are "safety", "environmental protection" and "clean production". A total of 29 experts and scholars from 27 companies and institutions in China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand and the United States and Europe delivered keynote speeches covering a wide range of areas for polyurethane raw materials, products, applications and market development. On the whole, scholars from all over the world have a positive attitude towards the future development of the polyurethane industry, focusing on the great potential of polyurethane materials in improving their lives, such as building energy efficiency, automobile, railway, bridge, furniture and daily necessities.

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