Polyurethane Belt Scraper Primary and Second Scraper

Group Polyurethane conveyor belt scraper
Min. Order 10 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2017-12-23
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FeatureExcellent Heat-resistance , wear resistance
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Polyurethane Belt Scraper Primary and Second Scraper

Polyurethane sweeper is mainly used for cleaning the positive and negative belt of sticky material, sundry. Sweeper having the effect that cannot ignore in the conveyor, coal, electric power, steel, petrochemical, and other enterprises of production of transportation equipment rely on to clean it. 

Effective cleaning system can clean the roller surface and conveyor belt base adhesive, prevent the conveyor belt running deviation, prolong the service life of conveyor belt and accessories, accident prevention, and so on. Belt conveyor is necessary accessories. Sweeper is widely used in steel, mines, docks, power plants and other industries the main belt conveyor accessories.

Scraper can avoid the problem

1.The belt running deviation. When the coal dust in belt conveyor system will cause the belt running deviation, causing downtime, affect the production efficiency.

2.Damage to the cylinder. Bond of pulverized coal was engulfed by the drum, roller surface glue shedding, drum damage and even cause the belt tearing accidents.

3.The roller wear. Coal ash to return roller, roller by bond, roller rotation resistance increase, lead to belt roller wear and damage. Severe cases can lead to major accidents such as fire.

4.Generate dust, belt cleaning not clean, to form new dust and coal dust was brought into the return belt, sprinkled on along the line, in the operation of the dust pollution on the working environment.

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