Impact Bed Mining Sand Ore Coal Trommel Vibrating Screen

Group Polyurethane fine mesh sieve panel
Min. Order 10 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2017-12-23
Item specifics
Hardness85 a 95 Shore
Stress Rupture73 a 160 N/mm
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Impact Bed Mining Sand Ore Coal Trommel Vibrating Screen

Our comprehensive range of polyurethane screen panel systems offers you a cost-effective solution to your specific separating, sizing and reducing needs.

polyurethane screen panel systems is extremely durable and cost-effective. Featuring new corrosion engineering technology, our injection-moulded panels offer noise absorption and wear-cycles that either match or exceed those of conventional woven wire or perforated steel plate panels.

Our Brands polyurethane screen panels offer cost-effective, long-lasting separating and sizing of all types of minerals and earths. Our proven panels are ideal for use in all mine and quarry stone-crushing and sand-handling plants.

(Note: in principle the diameter of sizing with rubber plate screening shall be greater than 6mm.)

Similarly to rubber screens, they are an alternative for metal screens. They are abrasion-resistant and lack of corrosion. Self-cleaning effect and cone-shaped mesh allows increased effectiveness and noise reduction makes work more comfortable. They are equipped in steel catches or recesses for tension strips which enable assembly instead of metal screens, without changing or rebuilding of the riddle or screen fixing construction on the sifter. They are produced in two reinforcement systems: steel cables or glass fibre rods. They are specially recommended for “wet” works. Lateral or longitudinal tension.

Polyurethane screen with high efficiency, small amplitude, high frequency and other good quality. Is an effective device for fine grained material sieving classification, widely used in iron ore, tin, tungsten, tantalum and niobium ore concentrator screening or classification work.Polyurethane screen mesh offer the highest screening efficiency and are the modern cost effective of achieving improved productivity at reduced maintenance cost in aggregate separation under both wet and dry conditions.

It achieves excellent results with all separation sizes in many applications including: Sand and Gravel, Granite, Quartzite, Silica Sand, Limestone, Coal and Ironworks Materials.

The polyurethane screen are manufactured with integral reinforcement bars parallel to the panel width and selected for each individual application to accurately transmit the dynamic forces of the screening machine and support the bed of the material.

1, Tensile strength, high tear strength, excellent wear resistance, resilience, compression set, long service life.
2, With the metal substrate with strong, not easy from the floor and off.
3, Surface finish, dimensional stability.

Polyurethane screens can be provided with tabs for tensioning, or in a variety of common modular hooking systems. The polymer that constitutes them exhibits good abrasion resistance, and can be provided with a hardness between 85º e 95º Shore “A”. Modules Polyurethane screens have flat top surface, the assembly is modular and are recommended for screening of medium products.


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